5 Gifts to Give That Aren’t Guns :: Guns.com

5 Gifts to Give That Aren’t Guns :: Guns.com

Wondering what to get your loved one this holiday season? How about some awesome accessories that are easy and affordable! Check out our gift-giving guide for presents that aren’t exactly guns but will definitely make your gun lover happy.

1. Spare Mags

Spare mags are always a welcomed gift.


Spare magazines make an excellent gift for gun owners. These small yet mighty accessories simplify training on the range while also opening the door for reloading drills. Whether you’re picking up an AR-15 mag, quality 1911 magazine or extended magazine for a concealed carry pistol, the gift of extra rounds is always a welcomed one.

Pick up spare mags as low as $10.

2. Binoculars

Binoculars, like the Burris Signature, make hunting easier.


Have a hunter in your life? Binos are the perfect gift for those traipsing into the woods in search of prey. With simple models offering basic magnification all the way up to high-end variants sporting high definition fully multi-coated lenses and rubber armor protection, binoculars offer various price points for consumers.

Grab a pair of binos for as little as $15 for base models up into the hundreds for tricked out versions.

3. Rangefinders

Sig Sauer’s Kilo 1000 is a decent rangefinder at an affordable price.


Utilizing lasers to determine distance from a target, rangefinders help precision shooters and hunters accurately hit their target time and time again. If your loved one is constantly complaining about missed long-range targets, a solid rangefinder might be the best gift under the tree.

Prices start around $150 for standard models topping out over $1,000 for fully loaded deluxe versions.

4. Rifle and Pistol Optics

Riflescopes, like the Bushnell Engage, range in price but are accessories most long-range shooters and hunters pine for.


For the gun owner who likes to trick out their rifle or pistol, scopes and red dots are an easy means to increase the functionality of favorite firearms. While scopes can help magnify targets, they also pull double duty providing markings that allow shooters to predict where shots will land once the trigger is pulled.

The Trijicon RMR is a red dot perfect for pistols.

On the other hand, red dots – which can fit onto rifles or pistols – are a non-magnifying means to accurately place shots on target. Red Dot optics display an aim point by way of an illuminated dot that, for some shooters, is easier to use than traditional iron sights.

Optics run the gamut in terms of price, but a good rule of thumb is to opt for the highest-end model you can afford.

5. Guns.com Gear

Grab a Guns.com shirt!


When all else fails and you need a reasonably priced gift that screams “guns” you can always nab some Guns.com merch. From patches to hats to coffee mugs and even some sweet shirts, we have everything a gun owner would need to show their love and affection for guns.

Of course, if your loved one can’t get enough guns, check out Guns.com’s new and used firearms!

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