Armed Fedex Driver Kills Robber After Being Shot

Armed Fedex Driver Kills Robber After Being Shot

Philadelphia, PA – An armed robber attempted to steal packages off of a FedEx truck got more than he bargained for yesterday.

The 32-year-old FedEx driver was making his routine deliveries around 7:05 PM yesterday. As he was walking up to a house to deliver a package, the thief tried to steal some packages off of the FedEx truck.

It is unclear what exactly happened at that point. Reports state that the robber opened fire at the FedEx driver. Although the FedEx driver was shot in the stomach, he had his own gun and fired back at the armed robber, hitting him several times.

The FedEx driver was able to flee the scene. Police found him nearby and transported him to a hospital. Thankfully, he is in stable condition. As for the criminal, not so much.

The armed robber was found dead in a nearby alley along with items stolen from the truck. They also found a man in a car that police think was used as a getaway car. The man was taken into custody and are investigating whether he was a potential accomplice or not.

The police are also looking into whether or not the FedEx driver had a valid Pensylvania Concealed Carry Permit. In Pennsylvania, if you don’t have a concealed carry permit, handguns must be unloaded and stored in the trunk. The news report stated that FedEx will not release details of their internal police regarding drivers carrying firearms.

Either way, this driver decided to take his personal protection in his own hands instead of being an unarmed victim.

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