Armed Robbery Suspect with CCW and Saggy Pants Turns Himself In

Armed Robbery Suspect with CCW and Saggy Pants Turns Himself In

PSA: If you are carrying concealed…pull your pants up. And wear a belt.

A man turned himself into Milwaukee Police yesterday after finding out he was a suspect in an armed robbery of an ABC Liquor Deport. According to the police, he showed a firearm and demanded money. But the suspect is saying it was all a misunderstanding.

But according to the man that turned himself in, he had no belt on which caused his pants to sag down very far. He had the gun tucked in his pants, so the cashier saw his gun and got scared. He also stated that he has a Wisconsin Concealed Weapon License.

The suspect is also asking for a video of the incident to prove that he never pulled out his firearm or asked for money.

At this point, we don’t know which side of the story is actually true.

But if you are carrying concealed, you should be carrying with a proper holster and a gun belt. Period. Walking around with a gun tucked into your pants which are sagging down is just a recipe for disaster. If this guy is telling the truth, hopefully, he gets released and learns his lesson….and buys a belt!

Watch the video coverage here.

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