Beretta APX Wins Major European Police Contract ::

Beretta APX Wins Major European Police Contract ::

New APX models released just this year include the gray-framed APX Target, (center), as well as APX Centurion-length RDO and Combat models (top right), Compact/Centurion FDE models (bottom) and the APX Carry slimline (top left.) (Photo: Chris Eger/


Beretta reportedly got a major nod from the Polish national police this month to supply new APX pistols to the agency, beating some tough competition.

The 100,000-strong Polish Policji, as reported by both local media and European gun publications, picked a Beretta vendor over six other companies for a tender to purchase over 4,600 new 9mm pistols. The Beretta contract was considered the most advantageous, garnering 91 points in an assessment by the agency that weighed price, lifespan, reliability, warranty period and compatibility.

The Beretta vendor, Warsaw-based UMO, beat out tenders by suppliers offering Arex Rex Deltas, Canik TP9SF Elites, CZ P10Cs, and Glock G17 Gen 3s. Domestic gunmaker Fabryka Broni (Radom) submitted a bid for their locally-built version of the Walther P99AS— which the Policji already fields in quantity– and was the next closest in the assessment conducted by police headquarters, earning a score of 85.97 points.

While the Policji still has some supplies of older Cold War-era pistol models, such as the 9x18mm Radom-produced P-83 and P-64, in recent years they have been purchasing more modern handguns. The latest contract, for at least PLN 5.3 million ($1.3 million U.S.), will see new APX pistols issued to uniformed Policji officers starting as soon as this year.

Beretta introduced the full-sized APX in 2017, equipped with a polymer frame and a host of competitive features putting it on par with other duty guns. The APX features a passive trigger safety, Picatinny rail, three-dot sights, reversible mag release, and interchangeable backstraps, but what stands out most is the slide serrations spaced finger-width apart that run the entirety of the slide and the fully flat trigger. Since then, the company has expanded the line with their Carry, Target, RDO, Combat and Compact/Centurion models.


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