Beretta Grows APX Pistol Line with Target, RDO, FDE Models ::

Beretta Grows APX Pistol Line with Target, RDO, FDE Models ::

The new APX models include the gray-framed APX Target, (center), as well as APX Centurion-length RDO and Combat models (top right), Compact/Centurion FDE models (bottom) and the APX Carry slimline (top left.) (All Photos: Chris Eger/

Beretta showed off several new APX series of chassis-based modular handguns this month, all of which are headed to the consumer market. The growing line of striker-fired polymer-framed handguns, available in 9x19mm and .40 S&W, were unveiled at Beretta’s Pistol Summit in Virginia last week and was there to get the details.

The all-new APX Target, a long-slide competition-oriented handgun, sports a 4.7-inch pre-tensioned barrel, compared to the standard model’s 4.25-inch barrel. Erik Stern, Product Manager at Beretta’s Pro Shop, told that in their in-house testing such a barrel yielded a 20 to 30 percent accuracy improvement. The APX Target also features an improved fire control module with a lighter trigger as well as factory extended magazine release and extended slide stop. The frame is what Beretta calls a “Wolf Gray” and is sans finger grooves with a black backstrap.

New Beretta APX Target

“It’s a lot easier to shoot faster and shoot well,” said Stern of the new APX Target.

Red dot ready, the Target ships with factory fiber optic sights. The accurized APX interfaces with just about every red dot and includes adapters for RMR, Cmore, Deltapoint Pro, and the Burris Fast Fire while Aimpoint Acro plates are coming. With a late-August availability. the Target ships with four 17-round mags while 21-rounders are offered. MSRP is $875.

“It’s the most accurate APX we’ve ever built,” said Stern.

Another APX line extension is the Centurion-length RDO with a 3.7-inch barrel and the same optic-capability as the Target and existing RDO models. When the red dot is not mounted, the sleek APX profile can be maintained with an included blank plate to provide a smooth surface on the slide top. MSRP is $725 and it ships with two 15-round magazines.

The APX Centurion Combat is essentially the Centurion APX RDO with a factory standard 1/2×28 TPI threaded barrel. It is also a new catalog item.

The suppressor-ready APX Centurion Combat at play. Of note, Beretta owns Burris and Steiner.

The suppressor-ready APX Centurion Combat at play. Of note, Beretta owns Burris and Steiner.

Also announced are the APX Centurion (5.19-inches high) and APX Compact (4.5-inches high) in an FDE finish with 15- and 13-round mags, respectively. Beretta introduced a factory FDE option to their Full-Sized APX models earlier this year, which proved to be a hit.

New Beretta APX FDE

Apparently, everyone loves that flat dark earth. Note the grip-length difference in the APX Centurion, top right, with the APX Compact, top left.

Beretta introduced their single-stack APX Carry in April. It ships with two magazines– one extended eight-round and one six-round with a pinky extension — plus one flush baseplate. Due to its size, it lacks an accessory rail, but its overall length is just 5.63-inches. Weight is 20-ounces, unloaded. As far as 9x19mm handguns go, it is one of the smallest on the market.

New Beretta APX carry

The Beretta APX Carry is a single-stack with options

Except for the APX Target, which is still a month or so away from a ship date, the rest of the new APX models are in stock at Beretta and on their way to dealers and distributors.

New Beretta APX models

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