Beretta shows off new Pro version of 1301 Comp model shotgun (VIDEOS)

Beretta shows off new Pro version of 1301 Comp model shotgun (VIDEOS)

Beretta rose the curtain on their new 1301 Comp Pro shotgun at an international trade show this week. Building on the 1301 Comp‘s success, the new Pro model was developed through feedback from competition shooters.

Announced at the IWA OutdoorClassics show in Nuremberg, Germany, Beretta’s newest 12 comes standard with a wider magazine window and oversized cocking handle as well as an aluminum Toni System 10+1 round magazine. This is an improvement on the standard Comp model, which required users to buy a magazine-extension tube as an after-market accessory.

However, the most notable change is the polymeric stock, an upgrade from the more plain jane furniture on the legacy 1301 Comp model. The stock brings a soft comb rubber insert and adjustable spacers to the gun for modularity. Likewise, it incorporates a series of elastomer dampeners that help trim recoil down by some 40 percent, according to Beretta.

The new 1301 Comp Pro ships with a 10+1 magazine tube, upgraded stock, and other features that differ from the standard 1301 Comp. Note the fiber-optic front site and mid-bead as well as the enlarged bolt release and cocking handle. (Photos: Beretta)

The 1301 Comp Pro uses a Steelium barrel with a 10×8 stepped rib offered in either 21- or 24-inch lengths. Aimed at 3-Gun and practical shooting competitors, it uses Beretta’s Optimabore HP interchangeable choke system, that can be adapted for other uses, as well as the 1301’s standard Blink gas-operating system, which the company bills as being fast enough to be able to get off four shots in under one second. The gun has a 3-inch chamber in a 3.5-inch receiver to provide the larger loading and ejection port

No word on MSRP at this time.

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