Brownells Goes Tech to Fight COVID-19 • NSSF

Brownells Goes Tech to Fight COVID-19 • NSSF

March 29, 2020

Brownells Goes Tech to Fight COVID-19

In the face of the growing COVID-19 outbreak, Brownells is stepping up to support those fighting the virus.

Brownells, an 80-year-old, Iowa-based online firearm and firearm accessories supplier, has joined forces with Folding@Home to lend its excess computing power to help combat the COVID-19 virus sweeping across the globe. Folding@Home is helping with an international effort to understand the molecular structure of the virus and is in need of excess server space and computing abilities to help execute computer modeling simulations.

“Our IT team learned about the Folding@Home project and their work using computer modeling to better understand the molecular and protein structure of the virus,” said Brownells IT Director Curt Graff. “We are committed to helping protect our country by virtue of our personal protection and sustainability products, but we see this as a way to support the international community in a time of significant need.” Read the full story here.

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