Burglar Shot in the Behind after Breaking through Back Door

Burglar Shot in the Behind after Breaking through Back Door

A 30-year-old burglar in Robstown, Texas, was shot and struck on his butt after the armed homeowner awoke around 4 A.M. to his break-in and shot him.

“The burglar made unlawful entry through a rear door of the residence and was approached by the homeowner as the burglar was rummaging through the homeowner’s belongings,” said the Robstown Police Department. “The burglar was shot one time on his buttocks.” via Kris 6 News

The suspect is expected to recover after being taken to an area hospital.

On top of having a well-thought home defense plan, one must not forget the simple essentials of home security. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest alarm systems, but we must still take the necessary measures to secure our homes. That means checking all areas of [external] entry to ensure they are locked, importantly when going to sleep.

Criminals still have the potential to bypass these measures, implying that we must be prepared with our own defense when trouble arises.

Doing the simple things helps avoid the risk of failing to cover your ass (Can’t say the same for the suspect). In all seriousness, it is essential at home to have an accessible plan of attack if/when your initial defense faces interference, additionally also trying to have the best sense of situational awareness.

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