CCW Offices Shuttering Across the Country

CCW Offices Shuttering Across the Country

If you are reading this then you most likely already have your concealed carry permit. And if you don’t, you might be waiting a bit longer to get yours.

As I was scouring the web for gun-related news articles this afternoon, I started to notice more and more stories about concealed carry permit offices closing down due to the Coronavirus.

While this makes sense since many local authorities are shutting down other than essential personnel, it just wasn’t something that crossed my mind. We’ve all read about the mass panic going on right now and have probably started to see the ammo shortages everywhere. I was in Academy earlier today looking for .300 Blackout ammo, and the ammo shelves were almost bare.

But what about the people that are scurrying to get their concealed carry licenses. I hate to say it, but maybe you shouldn’t have waited so long. For those of you that have applied already and got caught up in this mess, I can only hope you get yours as soon as possible.

Within just a half-hour of looking, I came across 38 articles of municipalities that have shut down their concealed carry permit or license offices. Here’s just a small sample:

But through the rough, I did find a few that made statements that they were still processing permits such as the Vermillion Sheriff’s Office in Ohio. They released a statement stating:

Access to the lobby at the Sheriff’s Office is being greatly limited. We are still issuing concealed handgun licenses and are still conducting fingerprinting for purposes of criminal background checks in certain circumstances.

And hats off to the Wapello County Sheriff in Iowa that is working to put their CCW Permit forms online so that people can print them out and mail them in along with a copy of their Driver’s License, training certificate, and money order. Why this wasn’t in place beforehand? I’m not sure. But at least they are taking steps to make it easier for citizens that get their concealed carry permits.

Interesting times are among us. This just serves as a reminder to try and be prepared as possible. And that not only goes for food and water, but if you were thinking about getting your concealed carry permit, now is the time to apply if your local issuing authority is still taking applications. And if not, be prepared to apply as soon as everything is back up and running.

Stay Armed. Be Prepared.

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