Colt firearms collection auctions for $2.2 million in Las Vegas

Colt firearms collection auctions for $2.2 million in Las Vegas

1886 factory-engraved, blue-finish Colt Lightning, likely the finest known example of its type. Top lot of the sale: $190,650. (Photo: Morhpy’s Auction)

A collection of rare, antique Colt firearms fetched $2.2 million at an auction in Las Vegas last month. Morphy’s Auctions said the event featured 94 guns from the private collection of Dr. Edward Michael Feldman, a renowned Colt enthusiast well-known within the community.

“We knew the sale was going to attract many of the Colt world’s heavy hitters, or their representatives, because Ed Feldman was known to acquire only the most exceptional, best-condition Colts,” said Dan Morphy, president of Morphy Auctions. “Everyone in the hobby knew this about Ed, so we expected there would be a high level of interest leading up to the sale – and we weren’t disappointed.”

Included among the offerings was the “finest known example of an 1886 factory-engraved, blue-finish Colt Lightning,” which sold after nearly 60 bids pushed the price to more than double its $70,000 estimate. A “Rosecrans Army” 1860 model — embellished “exactly like the pair” Colt presented to Union Army General George McClellan — sold for $156,000, more than 20 percent above its highest estimate.

“What this sale showed the hobby was that the best of the best and guns in top condition – which is precisely how I would describe Ed Feldman’s collection – will shine even during times when the market for antique guns isn’t at its highest point,” Morphy said. “The Colt Lightning that was estimated at $50,000-$70,000 but sold for $190,000 was the finest of its kind, so it sold accordingly.”

Historical ultra-deluxe factory-engraved 1860 Colt Army model inscribed and presented to Major General W.S. Rosecrans. Sold for $156,000. (Photo: Morphy’s Auction)

Rare and desirable No. 2 Belt Model Paterson Colt in very fine original Paterson case. Sold for $96,000. (Photo: Morphy’s Auction)

Cased pair of legendary 1851 Division Aide de Camp Colt “Navies,” pictured in The Antique Arms Annual 1971, ex Allen S. Kelley. Sold for $69,000. (Photo: Morphy’s Auction)

Very fine and rare cased, factory-engraved Colt 1860 Army .44 with ebony grips, from the same serial number range as a similar model that was either presented to, or belonged to, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant. Sold for $75,000. (Photo: Morphy’s Auction)

Spectacular and extremely rare factory-engraved, ebony-gripped double-cased pair of Colt Model 1862 police revolvers presented to Capt. W.H.H. Waller in 1865. Sold for $117,000. (Photo: Morhpy’s Auction)

Exquisitely engraved Colt Lightning Revolver made expressly for mine owner C.N. Markle, book example, included factory letter. Sold for $72,000. (Photo: Morphy’s Auction)

Exhibition-quality 1880 Colt Single Action Army with pearl grips and factory engraving, ex Karl Press collection. Sold for $60,000. (Photo: Morphy’s Auction)

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