Concealed Carrier Stops Brutal Assault Without Firing a Shot

Concealed Carrier Stops Brutal Assault Without Firing a Shot

Here’s another instance of how concealed carriers can stop crimes without having to fire a shot. On March 1, Omilson Oceant-Shirley, who had previously trespassed in a Leesburg, FL convenience store, began assaulting another man. It is unclear whether the man who was assaulted worked at the store or was a customer.

A witness stated that Oceant-Shirley hit the man in the head until he fell to the ground and then began kicking the man in the head. A woman tried to help the man up but Oceant-Shirley pushed her away causing her to fall to the ground.

At some point during the attack, a concealed carrier drew his handgun and held Oceant-Shirley at gunpoint until police arrived.

As the police arrived on the scene, the concealed carrier reholstered his firearm. Police confiscated his firearm and detained him while they spoke to other witnesses. Once they confirmed he had a valid concealed carry permit and that he used it to stop the battery, they returned his gun.

While it is unfortunate for the man who was beaten as it sounds like he was sustained some serious injuries, who knows how worse it would have been if there wasn’t a concealed carrier there to stop the attack. And not having a fire a single shot is even better for everyone involved.


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