Concealed Carrier Struck From Behind Turns And Shoots Attacker

Concealed Carrier Struck From Behind Turns And Shoots Attacker

A 50-year-old man attacked a 40-year-old man shopping in a store about 5:30 PM in the Far South Side of Chicago. The attacker struck him from behind with an unknown object. The victim, a concealed carry license holder, drew his gun, and shot the attacker.

Police took the attacker into custody. Charges are pending.

Whether striking someone from behind constitutes a deadly force attack depends on what that object is. The proverbial baseball bat is, for sure, a deadly attack. A My Pillow, well not even close. A large can of beans certainly could be.

This is a good time to remember that not all attacks meet the criteria to be considered deadly force, and therefore not all attacks will justify a deadly force response. Just because someone strikes you from behind doesn’t automatically mean you can draw your gun.

Also, remember that in just about every public place today, there will be a security camera recording your actions and maybe your voice. This, of course, will be evidence. Whether it is for or against you is up to you. If you can get away safely, make every attempt to do that, and only use your gun if you absolutely have no other option to defend yourself.

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