Concealed Carrier Wins Shootout with Attempted Robber

Concealed Carrier Wins Shootout with Attempted Robber

Harris County, TX – A robbery suspect was killed after engaging in a shootout with a man he was trying to rob.

Last week, a man driving a Jeep was at a Valero gas station when another man approached him and attempted to rob him. Instead of giving up his wallet, the man in the Jeep, who has a Texas Concealed Handgun License, drew his handgun. The suspect has a gun of his own, and both men fired shots.

One witness that was at the scene said:

“There was about 11 or 12 shots like a binary trigger you would hear”

I thought it was interesting that he used the term binary trigger. In case you don’t know, a binary trigger released the hammer when you pull the trigger and also when you release it.

Both men were transported to the hospital, where the suspect later died. The concealed carrier is expected to recover from his gunshot wounds.

The family of the suspect showed up on the scene and was quoted as saying, “He’s not the type to do this.”

This is another reminder to all of us to get out there and get some training. Being a better shot could be the difference between life and death.

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