Diamondback’s New Gen4 DB9 Pistol (VIDEOS)

Diamondback’s New Gen4 DB9 Pistol (VIDEOS)

Cocoa, Florida-based Diamondback Firearms has thoroughly updated their striker-fired compact DB9 pistol for 2019. The new Gen 4 model of their decade-old single-stack 9mm handgun includes updated internals, a new slide stop, an improved trigger with a short reset, enhanced grip texture and a pinky extension. The little pistol is still offered a 6+1 capacity at a retail price under $300. Best of all, it also now has metal Glock-compatible sights with G43s having the best fit.

The Gen 4 DB9, as with all Diamondback firearms, are made wholly in the U.S. Of note, the slide, barrel, and internal parts are coated to resist corrosion and the gun utilizes removable Glock-pattern steel sights and a steel mag catch. (Photos: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

The DB9 was first introduced in 2009 and, with a weight of just 11-ounces while maintaining a 3-inch barrel, Diamondback describes their gun as the “smallest and lightest” 9mm on the market. For reference, Ruger’s LC9/EC9 series, which has a 3.12-inch barrel, weighs in at 17-ounces while the Glock 43 runs 18-ounces.

MSRP on the now +P rated Gen 4 DB9 is $269 which translates to a Guns.com price of wow.

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