Following Lawsuit, New Jersey Outdoor Ranges to Reopen Friday

Following Lawsuit, New Jersey Outdoor Ranges to Reopen Friday

Outdoor shooting ranges in New Jersey are set to reopen Friday for the first time since Gov. Murphy ordered them closed on March 21. (Photo: Chris Eger/

Just a week after a federal lawsuit against New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s closure of gun ranges, the Governor announced they can reopen.

On May 18, Murphy unveiled an Executive Order to allow a variety of outdoor sporting centers to reopen on Friday. The list includes archery ranges, batting cages, golf driving ranges, shooting ranges and tennis clubs, as well as all-terrain vehicle and dirt bike rental outlets. He cautioned that the activities would still have to comply with a variety of COVID-19 inspired social distancing, cleaning, sanitizing and hygiene practices.

Murphy, a Democrat, was named with a host of other state officials in a federal lawsuit filed on May 12 by healthcare worker Delores Ricci, 59, in conjunction with the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs.

Ricci, a first-time gun owner, recently purchased a handgun for self-defense and, having no prior firearms experience, wanted to get familiar with her new gun. However, Murphy’s March 21 executive order closing all ranges in the state due to coronavirus shutdowns, contends the lawsuit, eliminated that possibility.

Unfortunately, Murphy’s latest order does not extend to indoor ranges but the ANJRPC said they “will continue to vigorously pursue the reopening of indoor ranges as soon as possible.”

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