Gifts for Gun Lovin’ Moms of Every Variety ::

Gifts for Gun Lovin’ Moms of Every Variety ::

Every mom deserves love, attention and great gun gifts this holiday season. After all, she did a lot of work to get you here (just don’t remind her of that). Choosing a gift tailored to your type of mom may seem difficult, but that’s why is here to help.

We’ve narrowed some solid gun and gear choices based on our favorite mom archetypes.

Concealed Carry Karen

(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Concealed Carry Karen is all about the mama bear life. Ready to protect her cubs from any threat, CC Karen meets danger head-on. With threat level always set to condition yellow, she’s the mom with her back to the wall scanning for threats.

Though CC Karen has awareness in abundance, she often lacks training. A great gift to offset her killer concealed carry collection, is a class a two focused on prepping for the unexpected. We recommend Citizens Defense Research’s Contextual Handgun Course to help groom skills while also learning how to manage bystanders, like kids, in the process. While you’re at, throw in a basic CPR/First Aid course or really impress her with a Civilian Medical Trauma Class. Taught by We Like Shooting’s Shawn Herrin and Skinny Medic Dietrich Easter, this class covers all you need to know to patch up holes when SHTF.

When all else fails, CC Karen can always use more ammo. Whether you opt to grab a few boxes of concealed carry specific rounds like Speer Gold Dot, Federal HST or Hornady Critical Defense or you prefer to nab some FMJ like American Eagle, Blazer Brass or Winchester White Box for training you can’t go wrong with the gift of ammo.


Basic Becky

Mom Christmas

(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Basic Becky wears the standard uniform of her kind – Uggs, leggings and an infinity scarf casually swinging from her neck. Sporting a designer bag, Becky loves Taylor Swift and Beyoncé and she definitely “woke up like this.” When shopping for Becky, remember that looks are everything. Nothing pleases her more than having the most stylish gear on the block and that extends to her gun style.

Basic Becky would be tickled pink with a Kimber Micro .380 in Rose Gold, of course. That Kimber would look equally as cute in an Asfaleia Concealed Carry Tote. Nothing but the best for Becky.

If a Kimber and $300 bag is a little too pricey, Basic Becky would also make good use of a Pelican Travel Mug. Mug in hand, she can sip her boxed wine and silently judge the other moms on social media for their lack of flair.


Hunting Heather

Mom Christmas

(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Hunting Heather is most comfortable nestled in the woods and fields, happily stalking game. With the intention of filling every family meal with food lovingly harvested from the wild, Hunting Heather is her happiest with a shotgun or rifle in hand.

For this lady, a new long gun is a perfect way to say you care this holiday season. Whether you’re upgrading her to a Benelli or Weatherby shotgun or a Tikka T3X or Daniel Defense Delta 5 rifle, she’ll no doubt love the thoughtfulness.

If she already has a favorite shotgun or rifle, upgrade it with a brand-new optic. A quality scope like the Bushnell Forge, Sig Sauer Tango series or Burris FullField will improve her shots and guarantee success on the hunt. While you’re at it, throw in a box or two of hunting rounds – we like Federal’s Black Cloud TSS for birds, Hornady Precision Hunter for Whitetail and Winchester Varmint X for varmints.


When all else fails, hook her up with some new camo duds by way of Sitka Gear or Under Armour. Staying warm in a blind or tree can be a difficult task and what better way to say you care than to ensure mom’s dressed to stave off the cold air, snow or rain while she’s waiting for that perfect deer.

Sporty Susan

Mom Christmas

(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Screaming at the ref and doling out Capri Suns after the game, Sporty Susan is at the forefront of every ballgame. Hair in a no-nonsense ponytail with a ballcap resting on her head and an Apple Watch keeping that heart rate in check, Sporty Susan will cheer you on to victory. When she’s not grooming the next LeBron James or Peyton Manning, she’s often keeping fit herself in her home gym or at the local Crossfit.

Sporty Susan has no time for shenanigans as she shuttles kids from one activity to the other so having clothes that keep up with her lifestyle is a must. For this woman, a stylish yet functional pair of Alexo Athletica pants allows her to carry all her must-haves on the go – chapstick, keys and of course her CCW.

For the lady that prefers a molded design under her favorite workout gear or yoga pants, the Crossbreed Modular Belly Band will no doubt impress. Specifically shaped to her preferred gun, the Crossbreed Modular Belly Band will make sure Sporty Susan is ready to take on any would-be attacker lurking on the running trail or hiding in the ballfield’s bathroom.

Since she’s a fan of the minimalist ponytail, why not gift her a hat from to shield her face from the harsh sun while she cheers the team on. Perfect for on-the-go moms who want to hide that messy hair, don’t care lifestyle, a hat from not only shows her support for the 2A lifestyle but is also functional.


Competition Courtney

Mom Christmas

(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

She’s running, she’s gunning, she’s kicking butt and taking names on any course of fire – she’s Competition Courtney. Ready to ping targets with her competitive spirit, Competition Courtney revels in the dynamic challenge competition shooting brings. Wearing her sponsors with pride, she’s decked out in cool sunglasses, ear pro, and sunscreen for those long days on the range.

Competition Courtney has the skills but what she can always use is gear. Wrap up a Blue Alpha Gear Double Belt Rig to give her a sturdy belt on which to carry her spare mags and other shooting must-haves. Even better, grab some spare mags from to give her plenty of rounds on hand during training and in matches.

Competition Courtney’s fashion mainstays are, of course, her sponsored jersey but also the ever-familiar 5.11 Tactical shorts and pants. With plenty of functioning pockets to stow accessories, a pair of Stryke Pants or Taclite Shorts offer a breathable yet durable design perfect for even the toughest of matches.

Unlike Concealed Carry Karen, Competition Courtney spends a ton of time at the range and that comes with a significant ammo investment. Help her out with a case or two of her preferred brand of rounds. She’ll definitely thank you.


PTO Patty

Mom Christmas

(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

For this mom who devotes every moment to her kid’s education, a mobile gun storage option like the Gunbox Echo or SnapSafe Treklite means that she’s never too far away from her weapon should she need it. Easily tethering and neatly tucking under the passenger seat of her Cadillac or Lexus, mom’s gun is safe from would-be burglars.

PTO Patty spends so much time at school, there’s not much room for anything else – including range time. Make sure she gets in those needed reps, by grabbing a SIRT pistol from Next Level Training, SureStrike laser cartridges from Laser Ammo or a laser trainer and fun targets from LaserLyte. She can tackle the needs of the PTO while she works on that trigger control. Since she loves to stay organized, throw in a nice notebook for her to keep a log or journal of her dry fire goals.

Since PTO Patty is always busy, a range pass is also a great option for this busy mom. A range pass allowing her to drop in and practice when she has that most coveted free time will no doubt have her singing your praises. Also, win some bonus points with a couple of boxes of ammo so she can skip the retail line and go straight to target practice.


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