H&K SP5 Review: Finally, A Civilian Version of the MP5

H&K SP5 Review: Finally, A Civilian Version of the MP5

Heckler and Koch officially announced the long-awaited SP5 today. The SP5 is a civilian version of the ever-popular MP5. Ian over at Forgotten Weapons does an except job going over the SP5 and the differences between it and the MP5.

Now before you go running to your local gun store to pick one up, the SP5 will cost a pretty penny. H&K commented, saying the price of the SP5 is $2,799. But that isn’t surprising since the SP5K MSRP is $2,699.

I initially caught wind of the new SP5 when I came across a post on Reddit from a guy that walked into his local gun store and bought one of these two days ago. He has since posted another thread with 61 close-up photos of the SP5 and its parts.

We have been working on bringing this threaded, tri-lug, paddle mag release beauty to the market for a very very long…

Posted by Heckler & Koch on Monday, December 2, 2019

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