Home Invaders Shot By 12-Year-Old Defending Elderly Resident

Home Invaders Shot By 12-Year-Old Defending Elderly Resident

A 73-year-old woman was the victim of an armed home invasion sometime after midnight last Saturday. Two masked men broke into the home and demanded money.  For some reason, after the money demand, one of them shot the woman. While all of this was going on a 12-year-old also in the home accessed a gun and shot the robbers. This caused them both to flee the scene.

Police located one of the suspects with a gunshot wound and transported him to a hospital but he died of his injuries. No word on the other suspect. Also no word on the extent of the woman’s condition.

Police say they do not expect charges against the 12-year-old according to Fox8.

This one is disturbing not only because a 19-year-old somehow rationalized the need to shoot a 73-year-old woman during a robbery but that a 12-year-old had access to a gun during the incident. The 12-year-old is certainly a hero in all this but I seriously doubt that a kid that young had any clue about the risks involved in confronting a pair of armed robbers.

There is no info to suggest why the woman wasn’t able to access the gun for herself. Perhaps it happened too quickly for her to get to where the gun was being kept. However that went down, the 12-year-old knew where the gun was and how to use it. It’s no surprise that a kid that young knew how to shoot but he/she should never have had the chance to access it in the first place.

This could have ended a lot worse and of course, we are all glad that it didn’t but there was no excuse for that gun not being secured in some fashion so the 12-year-old didn’t have any access to it.

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