HP Offices Evacuated Because of a Concealed Carrier?

HP Offices Evacuated Because of a Concealed Carrier?

It is called concealed carry for a reason. No one should know you are carrying a firearm outside of your “circle of trust.” And this is a perfect example of why.

Yesterday afternoon, PeaceHealth and HP offices in Vancouver, WA were evacuated because it was believed that someone was holding people hostage in a conference room. But no one was actually being held hostage. And far from it.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the exercise called The Story Carousel? Its where everyone sits in a circle. The first person tells the next person a story. That person tells the next person and so on. And then you compare the story of the final person to the actual story. Most of the time, they are much different.

Well, apparently that’s what happened here. But this wasn’t an exercise.

An employee somehow found out that one of her co-workers carried a gun to work. Even though this person has a valid Washington Concealed Carry Permit, she reported it to her supervisors. And so began the Story Carousel.

Somehow that got turned into someone holding people hostage in a conference room causing the building to be evacuated for 30 minutes. After police investigated the incident, everyone returned to their offices as no crime was committed (obviously).

I just hope this employee doesn’t lose his job for legally arming himself. PeaceHealth and HP have been contacted to find out about their firearm policy for employees. This article will be updated if and when I get a response.

In the meantime, keep your concealed carry business to yourself.

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