Installing Novak sights on a Colt 380 Government (Mustang) –

Installing Novak sights on a Colt 380 Government (Mustang) –

Introduced in 1983, the Colt Mark IV Series 80 Government Model is a compact .380 ACP caliber pistol that looks similar to the 1911. Originally manufactured from 1983 to 1996, it was recently reintroduced on alloy and polymer frame versions. In this post, we’ll install a set of Novak sights on an original production gun.

From the factory, the Colt 380 Government has a rear sight in a dovetail and a front sight that is formed as part of the slide. To install Novak sights, new dovetails need to be cut on the front and rear of the slide.

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For this project, I ordered the following from Brownells:

Both of the sights fit a 65 degree x .330″ dovetail. The front sight requires a cut that is .060″ deep, while the rear sight requires a cut that is .062″ deep. To make these cuts, I ordered a Cryo-treated 65 degree x .330 dovetail cutter from Brownells.

A project like this requires access to a milling machine. While I assume it would be possible to file out a dovetail, most people that would have the skill set necessary to pull this off and have it look good, would likely have a mill. So if you don’t have one, it’s probably a job for a professional gunsmith.

We’ll begin work with the front sight. Notice the factory front sight milled into the slide. Also note the radius at the top of the slide. Care must be take to remove this sight and not damage its top profile.

Before I get to work, I always like to measure the parts I am working with. A long time ago I learned not to take standard measurements for granted. In this image, I am showing my notes for the front sight. I need to cut a 65 degree dovetail that is .330″ wide with a depth of .060″. Based on my calculations above, I determined the center line of the front sight dovetail needs to be at least .336″ from the front edge of the slide. Since the front edge of the slide also had a slight radius, I added .014″ and decided I would machine the dovetail at .350″ from the front edge.

Before I began working on the slide, I wrapped the sides in masking tape to protect the finish. Next, I squared the vise on my milling machine and set the slide on a pair of parallels. I used a 3/8″ end mill to machine off the front sight.

With the factory front sight removed, I was able to begin work on the dovetail. I used an edge finder to locate the front edge of the slide, moved the x-axis over .350″ and set a 3/16″ four-flute carbide end mill to cut a pass .055″ deep. This pass hogs out most of the material and helps prevent the small dovetail cutter from breaking.

Next, I can place the .330×65 degree dovetail cutter in the milling machine. I have this set to cut .060″ deep. I make a very slow deliberate pass. Breaking a dovetail cutter midway through a cut presents a difficult set of challenges. Trying to pic up the exact location of the cut with a new tool can be quite daunting.

With the front dovetail cut, I can begin work on the rear dovetail. Similar to the full size 1911 Novak cuts, the cuts on the 380 Government requires a flat cut to remove the factory dovetail. I use a 4-flute 3/8 carbide end mill for this. Rather than drift the rear sight out and risk damage to the slide, I prefer to simply cut it out. Note, on the Colt 380 Government, the rear sight retains the firing pin block spring. This should be removed and preserved once you take off the rear sight.

Once the rear factory rear sight dovetail is machined away, I use the 3/16″ end mill to cut a relief groove for the dovetail. The centerline of this cut is .725″ from the rear edge of flat cut I just machined. I made the relief cut .055″ deep, similar to the front relief cut.

With the same .330×65 degree dovetail cutter, I make a .062″ deep cut (when measured from the flat surface I just machined) centered .725″ from the rear edge of the slide.

The front and rear slides can now be fit. I hold the slide in a set of bronze vise jaws to prevent damage while I work. I like to use a 65 degree safe edge file and some stones for this.

I also like to use a piece of nylon to drift the sights into place. I find this prevents damage to the slide or sight finish.

I really like the look of Novak sights on this gun!

I can’t wait to see how this gun looks when it is refinished.

If you need Novak sights installed on your Colt Mark IV Series 80 Government Model and your local smith can’t do it, you can contact me at 782 Custom Gunworks LTD.

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