Meet Glock’s New G44 22 LR Compact Pistol

Meet Glock’s New G44 22 LR Compact Pistol

Glock held its much anticipated live event today, where they announced the Glock 44. The Glock 44 is a Glock 19 sized pistol chambered in .22 LR.

There was a lot of speculation leading up to this event about what they would be announcing. People were guessing anything from a 10mm Pistol Caliber Carbines down to a .22 LR pistol. Well, some of you were right!

So, why all the hype over a .22 LR pistol?

Well, obviously, this is the first .22 LR pistol offered by Glock. But what is so special about the .22 LR? To be honest, when I heard that it could be a .22 LR, I was a little disappointed. I have a few .22s and rarely shoot them.

But now that we have more details, it does pique my interest. Here’s why.

The Glock 44 is a compact .22 LR, which is the same size as a Gen 5 Glock 19. And when I say they are the same size, I mean they have the exact same dimensions. See for yourself.

Glock 44 .22 LR Specs

Glock 44 Specs

Glock 19 9mm Specs

Glock 19 Specs

My primary concealed carry gun is a Glock 19 MOS Gen5. Obviously, this is the gun that I shoot most often and train with. So having a .22 LR version that will fit the same holsters I use will allow me to train with the same size pistol but with a cheaper round. My wallet is already thanking me. I won’t switch over to shooting .22 LR 100% of the time, but having that option is great. I just wish that it was a MOS version so that I could mount a red dot on it. But I’m sure we’ll see that in a future release.

“With the Glock 44, you get the Glock 19 experience without the recoil impulse.” – Tatiana Whitlock

I also have a son that is about to turn four years old. Soon he will be old enough to start learning how to shoot. As many people do, we will start out with shooting a .22 LR. The first gun he will shoot will most likely be a .22 LR rifle, but once he is ready, he can start shooting the Glock 44.

And all that aside, .22 LR is just a fun round to shoot and will be a great range toy. The .22 LR is synonymous with plinking.

How much will this little plinker cost? I haven’t seen this posted anywhere yet to confirm, but a source tells me that the MSRP will be $439, and the street price should be around $350. It will be available to purchase on 1/20/2020.

And while it doesn’t come with a threaded barrel, the Glock Store does show a threaded barrel kit that will also be available on 1/20/2020. They also have some G44 branded Bullseye Targets.

So what do you think? Did the event live up to the hype? Will you be picking up a G44? I’ve put in a request to have one send out to review, so keep your eyes out for that soon.

If you missed the event, our friend’s at Gun Talk recorded it.

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