Neighbor Shoots Couple’s Dog After It Attacked Them

Neighbor Shoots Couple’s Dog After It Attacked Them

In Springfield, OR, police were alerted to a disturbance around 7 A.M. in the backyard of an apartment at Jenna Village where a dog had viciously attacked its owners.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers and fire personnel discovered a neighbor had shot the dog with a small-caliber gun who came to the couple’s aid.

The owners had suffered serious injuries, and their dog fled back into the house after being shot by the neighbor, where he locked him in.

“Due to the extent of the owner’s injuries, they consented to having the dog euthanized,” Springfield police said in a statement.

Animal Control removed the dog from the home and brought him to the emergency veterinary hospital, where he was euthanized. Police are continuing to investigate but say a threat to the community no longer remains.

From the firearm side of things, this aligns with being wary of your surroundings. Living in an apartment complex, this situation is more easily noticeable with how close everyone is.

Either way, as firearm owners, our self-awareness has to be on the most heightened level as possible. Fortunately, this couple was saved by a prepared gun owner and did not suffer any more extensive injuries than they already had.

On the animal side of things, what do pet owners have to say about this? The neighbor saw first-hand the couple suffering at the hands of their own pet and locked him away when the opportunity was open. Is the couple justified in having the dog euthanized? Ultimately these decisions are left in the palms of the owners.

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