Nerding Out on Gun Grip and Managing the Recoil

Nerding Out on Gun Grip and Managing the Recoil

Pretty much every basic firearm class will cover how to grip the gun properly. You can find tons of articles and YouTube videos that cover this as well. But this one I came across the other day from Active Self Protection dives deep into the science of gripping a handgun and controlling the recoil. I found it to be pretty interesting and figured I’d share it here. And as a bonus video, here is one on how hard to grip your gun. This is actually the video I came across that lead me to the video above.

Active Self Protection is a YouTube channel run by John Correia that analyzes self-defense shootings and talks about what worked and what didn’t. He also had a second channel called Active Self Protection Extra which is where you’ll find other great content like these grip videos, dry fire training, and other firearms related content.

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