Now that’s a Hudson you can really nerd out to (PHOTOS)

Now that’s a Hudson you can really nerd out to (PHOTOS)

For the record, this is not a factory option from Hudson (Photos: Chris Eger/

Making an appearance at a range day just before this year’s NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas was a Hudson blaster that looked a little far from its homeworld.

Elijah Henry, Hudson’s chief of product training, was on hand for the American Suppressor Association’s Fifth Annual Media Day at Elm Fork Shooting Sports with a selection of the company’s H9 and H9A handguns which were a crowd pleaser, but he also had what he described as a “shop gun” hidden away in a green kydex holster, because even intergalactic skip tracers choose kydex.

The customized Hudson 9mm is complete with Mandalorian and Clan Fett crests along with modified Metschan alphabetic script complementing the green, blue, yellow and red cerekote scheme as an homage to a certain bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga who has was inadvertently knocked into the open maw of the Sarlacc.

If only it had a disintegration switch.

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