Reviewing the Serbu Super Shorty with fruit and cabbage (VIDEO)

Reviewing the Serbu Super Shorty with fruit and cabbage (VIDEO)

A.J. Meadows, firefighter and gun enthusiast reviews the Serbu Super Shorty. Manufactured by Serbu Firearms in Tampa, Florida. The Shorty claims to be the shortest pump action shotgun on the market today. The weapon is available in two brands, the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870. The gun Meadows is testing is in the Mossberg configuration. This weapon requires a class three permit. However, it comes under the classification as “any other weapon” and the cost for the doc. stamp is only five dollars.

Meadows explains that the shotgun starts with features you’d typically expect from both brands. For the Mossberg, an ambidextrous safety with a pistol grip. The Shorty holds three shells, one in the chamber and two in the tube. It can fire 2 3/4 or 3 inch shells. Chambering a shell is done by folding the metal fore end grip down and racking the slide. To fold the grip back in place, just pull down and fold back. A very simple operation.

Muzzle blast captured from the Serbu Super Shorty. (Photo: AJ Meadows/

According to Meadows, one of the coolest features about this gun is that the small size enables the purchase of an optional holster. The holster is secured to the body with a thigh strap and a belt strap. The holster offers two restraints for the weapon, one quick release which is a rubber tube with thumb grip and the other, a nylon strap with a plastic clip. Meadows states the weapon was very secure in the holster. The holster also comes with a mole attachment that will hold 6 additional shotgun shells.

Meadows shown here wearing the Serbu holster with weapon in place. (Photo: AJ Meadows/

To create some interaction in his targets, Meadows selected some cabbage heads and grapefruits. Since the weapon is designed for an up close and personal experience, Meadows decided to shoot from approximately five yards using Remington 2 3/4 inch, 1 1/8 oz. birdshot.

Meadows overall impressions were the Shorty is an extremely fun gun to shoot. It does take its toll on your wrist, however Meadows fired many rounds during his demonstration, the average user should not have the same issue. Meadows recommends the weapon for home protection or a great gun for your truck.

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