Savage Announces New Red, White & Blue Rascal .22 ::

Savage Announces New Red, White & Blue Rascal .22 ::

“We’re proud of our American heritage,” says Savage about their newest Rascal. (Photo: Savage)

A Patriotic addition to the Massachusetts-based company’s line of single-shot bolt guns, the new Savage Rascal  Red, White, & Blue makes a statement.

With an American-flag patterned camo synthetic stock, the RW&B Rascal, like the rest of the series it comes from, is ideal for budding new plinkers, as it is a down-sized carbine with an 11.5-inch length of pull and a svelte 2.71-pound overall weight.

“It is our responsibility to help teach firearm safety to the next generation of American hunters and marksmen,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing for Savage Arms, “but that doesn’t mean the tools we use to teach can’t be fun. We’re proud of our American heritage and we’re showing that pride with these diminutive guns that are built to the same demanding standards as every other Savage.”

Although compact, with a length of just 31.5-inches, the Rascal is filled with features ideal for training safe firearms handling and marksmanship to include adjustable peep sights, a user-adjustable AccuTrigger, and a manual safety. Rascal series rifles cock by lifting the bolt and can be unloaded without pulling the trigger. For a range of ammo options, the single-shot rifle accepts either .22 Short, Long, or Long Rifle cartridges.

MSRP on the Savage Rascal Red, White, & Blue is $223 (get it), which is about $50-$75 more than more basic flavors of the rifle.


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