Son Defends Mother From Three Home Invaders, Kills One

Son Defends Mother From Three Home Invaders, Kills One

Son Defends Mother From Three Home Invaders, Kills One

Imagine waking up about 5:00 AM to the sound of your dogs barking and rolling over to see a strange man standing next to your bed. This happened to an elderly woman in Houston, TX while she was asleep in her apartment as reported by

The home invader jumped on her and tied her up with zip ties and then let two more men into the apartment. They went through the home looking for jewelry and other valuables. About ten minutes later the woman’s son returned home and a shootout ensued between him and the three suspects which spilled out into the hallway.

In the end, two of the suspects fled, one was dead and the son was shot twice. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition. Neighbors think that maybe the suspects are also residents of the same complex.

If the suspects, one or all of them, are in fact residents of the same apartment then it’s logical to assume that this could have been a targeted attack and not just a random break-in.

Can you imagine the outcome if the son had left his gun at home because he was just “going out for a moment”? As it was, three on one are not the odds you’d like to find yourself in but he nevertheless must have refused to quit and so prevailed in the end even though he took two hits.

This is yet another example, though of a good guy this time, that just because someone gets shot that does not mean that they are out of the fight. It seems clear that a son defending his mother was much more determined than three thugs looking for a quick score. It’s not known if the other two suspects that fled may have also been shot.

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