Tactica Defense Fashion Corset Holster Review

Tactica Defense Fashion Corset Holster Review

Tactica’s corset holster is designed specifically for women, with the intent to allow you to conceal a firearm without having to modify your wardrobe. It is ambidextrous, allowing users to carry on either side, and it is made of a polyester and cotton blend. It is available in sizes XS-XXL and is meant to carry sub-compact firearms. With three rows of hook and eye closures, it allows you to find the perfect fit within your size. This corset holster is priced at $109.99, which seemed a little bit high, in my opinion. As a college student, I really can’t afford to be spending over $100 on a holster. Before this review, I hadn’t tried a corset holster, but I was excited about exploring the new option.

First Impressions

One of the main reasons why I had never tried a corset holster was because of the lack of trigger protection. Right away, I noticed that this corset is different. Each of the pistol pockets are lined with a polymer blend, making it so that the trigger cannot be pulled while the gun is holstered. After discovering this feature, I instantly became more comfortable with the idea of carrying in this holster. There are Velcro retention tabs in each pocket, and the firearm sits very securely inside the pistol pocket. I also discovered that in the holster, the firearm sits up a lot higher on your body, which will definitely take some getting used to. I made sure to practice my draws before I started carrying with it outside my home.


For this review, I received the corset in size extra-small. I am about 5’7”, and 115lbs and I typically wear size small. I was initially worried that it would be too small, especially since the first time I tried it on was right after eating a large dinner from Taco Bell. However, I tried it on again the next morning, and it fit me just fine. After taking a look at Tactica’s online sizing guide, the product appears to be true to size. They recommend size extra-small for waist sizes 26” to 28”, which is the range that I would fall under.

Comfort Test

To test out the comfort of this holster, I wore it for four days in a row. Each day included sitting through a commute, walking across a college campus, and sitting through a lecture up to three hours long. Each day, I started out being very comfortable and couldn’t even feel my gun. However, after an hour or two, I was kind of uncomfortable in this holster. I could feel my gun putting pressure on my ribs. This is because of how the holster sits up higher on your body and how it is tightly held close to your body. Keep in mind that I am a fairly thin woman. It is very possible that a woman with a different body type may not experience the same discomfort.

As I mentioned earlier, this holster has pockets lined with a polymer blend which makes it so you are unable to pull the trigger when your gun is holstered. While the pocket lining is enough to protect the trigger, it is not stiff to the point of being uncomfortable. When I was wearing this holster, the pocket that I did not have a gun in was able to bend with my body slightly.

Tactica Corset Holster Review


This holster was so easy to conceal. I tried it with multiple outfits and was even able to break out a top that I haven’t worn since I started carrying. I felt very confident when wearing this holster and had no issues with printing in any of the four outfits I tried it with.

One of the outfits I tried it with consisted of a tighter, light colored top. Normally, when wearing lighter colors, I would need to wear a tank top to prevent my black gun from being seen through the fabric, creating more layers and sometimes ruining the look of the outfit. This corset is all black, making it so that the black gun is not noticeable underneath my clothes.

Since this holster holds your gun a lot higher up on your body as compared to a typical holster and does not require a belt, it gives a lot more freedom on the outfits you can wear while carrying. Part of Tactica’s goal for this holster was to make it easier for women to carry without making outfit modifications. They definitely succeeded in this goal. I am so happy to be adding this holster to my collection, especially since summer is starting.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed carrying in this holster. While the price is a little bit high, and it caused some pressure on my ribs, I plan on continuing to use this holster because of the concealability benefits. I love how it allows me to have more freedom with my clothing choices. Another aspect of this holster that sets it apart from the typical corset is that it has trigger protection. I am glad I tried this product because of the carry options it will offer me. However, it is important to remember that holsters have a large personal preference component to them. What works for me and my lifestyle may not be the most effective for someone else’s. For this product, Tactica offers a ten-day trial period.

Company Background

Tactica Defense Fashion is a new company from Tedder Industries, which owns companies such as Alien Gear Holsters. Tactica was founded by Sandi Little, a mother who is passionate about protecting herself and her family. I was able to speak with Sandi on the phone, and she explained Tactica’s mission. She created Tactica with the intent to go beyond being solely product focused. She wants Tactica to be a lifestyle embodied by women who carry their firearms daily.

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