The M-Lok compatible .45ACP Tactical Tommy Gun (PHOTOS)

The M-Lok compatible .45ACP Tactical Tommy Gun (PHOTOS)

Brig. Gen. John Taliaferro Thompson patented his eponymous sub gun in 1920, but you can bet he would probably dig the update (Photos: Chris Eger/

Auto-Ordnance had a modernized variant of their classic Thompson SMG design on hand at the NRA Annual Meeting.

Billed as the Tactical Tommy Gun, the .45ACP-caliber carbine is semi-auto and uses a 16.5-inch barrel and adjustable M4-style buttstock and pistol grip to blend AR-15 stylings with the old Chicago Typewriter. The aluminum forearm includes numerous Magpul M-Lok slots for all of those accessories you always wanted to hang on a Thompson but shouldn’t. Unlike traditional Tommy guns that cock on the top, the new model is a side-cocker.

For comparison, underneath is a more standard Thompson, the company’s limited edition custom Bonnie & Clyde special complete with engravings and a rusted cerakote finish. Same lineage, two completly different takes.

The Tactical Tommy Gun ships with a 50-round drum and one 20-round stick mag. The bad part is that the MSRP is $2,299.

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