Tomcat: Beretta’s .32 ACP pocket pistol (VIDEO)

Tomcat: Beretta’s .32 ACP pocket pistol (VIDEO)

The largest of Beretta’s long-running and popular line of tip-up-barreled “mouse guns,” the Tomcat is the biggest of a small category.

Stemming from the Italian company’s “cat” series of pocket pistols (e.g. Minx, Bobcat, etc.) the Model 3032 Tomcat has been in production since 1996 and is still in Beretta’s stable. The small framed pistol totes a 7-round magazine and weighs 14.5-ounces while coming in at less than 5-inches overall.

Tom Harmsen with the Military Arms Channel talks more about it in the above video. As a bonus, he shows off some other .32 ACPs and tests the caliber out against the channel’s new CPT test. Stick around for it.

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