Uber Eats Driver and Attempted Robber Have a Standoff in an Attempted Robbery

Uber Eats Driver and Attempted Robber Have a Standoff in an Attempted Robbery

Austin, TX – An Uber Eats delivery driver and a would-be robber had a standoff this past Saturday. Thankfully, it ended with no one being shot and the bad guy in jail.

After making a food deliver early Saturday morning, around 2:25 AM, an Uber Eats driver turns around to find a man standing very close to him. After the driver told the man to get away from him, he drew a Glock and attempted to rob the driver.

“Palomino asked (the man) ‘Do you know what time it is,’ as if he was trying to distract (the man) while grabbing the bandana that was around his neck, and pulling it up over his mouth and nose,” the affidavit says. via STATESMAN

Even though it is against Uber’s policy for drivers and passengers to carry firearms in the vehicle, this driver was prepared to defend himself. While I can never recommend drawing on a drawn gun, it worked out for the driver in this instance. He pulled his Sig Sauer P238 and pointed it back at Palomino.

“For a brief second both Palomino and (the man) just stood there, not moving, when Palomino moved off toward the end of the parking lot,” the affidavit says. via STATESMAN

The Uber Eats driver hid between some cars and eventually got to his own vehicle and called the police. He was instructed to meet them at a nearby gas station. As the officer arrived, the driver saw Palomino walking down the street.

The police arrested the man and charged him with aggravated robbery even though his story was that he was helping the driver because he was being robbed by someone else. Creative. But not today.

Now to circle back to drawing on a drawn gun. Usually a bad idea. And here’s just a few examples of why.

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