Up close with a Lexington Minute Man’s musket (PHOTOS)

Up close with a Lexington Minute Man’s musket (PHOTOS)

Bohy is shown with Capt. John Parker’s fowler. (Photos: Joel Bohy/Facebook)

A visit to the Massachusetts State House by a well-known antique expert resulted in some great images of a historic firearm.

Joel Bohy, who is often seen on PBS Antiques Roadshow and works for Skinner Auctions, was given a peek at the State House Collection in Boston along with Concord Museum curator David Wood and others and got to see not only a few vintage 19th Century cannon but more importantly a fowling piece that belonged to famous Patriot Capt. John Parker.

Parker commanded the local militia in Lexington on that fateful day in April 1775 when some 80 militiamen assembled at Buckman Tavern and stood on the village common to meet the approaching British in the first military engagement of the War of Independence.

“The fowler is very simple but sweet! Nice French-style butt, and .64 bore,” noted Bohy of the muzzleloader carried that Spring day which resulted in the “Shot heard round the world.”

The fowler is complete with an engraved tag denoting Parker’s use

In addition to Parker’s fowler, Bohy was also able to view a gun the Minute Man was able to recover during the battle — a British 1756 long land musket.

Bohy previously was involved in a 2016 archaeology report on what was known as Parker’s Revenge, a follow-up battle between the now fully mobilized colonial militia and British regulars after the initial engagements of Lexington and Concord that ultimately saw the Red Coats chased back to Boston. The project unearthed a number of rounds that had been fired during the skirmish.

“While working on the Parker’s Revenge Archaeology Project, we found low impact fired ball that would have fit this fowler perfectly,” noted Bohy. “We will never know, but one of those fired fowler ball could have come from this piece.”

More on that project, below.

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