Victim ‘Draws From the Drop’ Hitting Both Would-Be Robbers

Victim ‘Draws From the Drop’ Hitting Both Would-Be Robbers

This incident occurred this past Monday in Los Angeles. While it happened in the evening around 7:10 PM, it was still in broad daylight. And it was all caught on by nearby security cameras.

A man and two women were standing in a parking lot, possibly outside of a store, as the male can be seen holding a shopping bag. That’s when a silver sedan backs up to where the three victims were standing.

Two suspects get out of the car, leaving the third as the get-away driver. The suspect that got out of the back seat quickly draws a gun and points it at the male victim. The other suspect that got out of the car has a gun in his hand but doesn’t point it at the victims.

As one of the suspects raises his gun, the male victim seems to set his shopping bag down, draw a gun out of his pocket or shorts with his left hand, switch hands, rack the slide and fire a shot within a second. I could be wrong, but that’s how it looks to me. Regardless, the victim quickly draws his gun and gets what looks like three shots off as he retreats. The two suspects on foot ran off, and the driver sped off. The police would later catch all three suspects.

None of the victims were hit by the gunfire. One suspect was hit in the upper left thigh, and the other hit in the right calf.

The police provided no information about the victim, so it is unclear if he had a concealed carry permit or face any charges.

Regardless, he was prepared to defend himself, and that he did. We never recommend drawing from the drop (drawing with a gun in your face). It could have turned out way worse had the suspect fired before the victim could draw his gun. And over what? A wallet and whatever was in the shopping bag? That’s definitely not worth it to be. But in this incident, the outcome favored the victim.

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