Want Better Than Business as Usual? SHOT Show Retailer Seminars Up the Game • NSSF

Want Better Than Business as Usual? SHOT Show Retailer Seminars Up the Game • NSSF

December 12, 2018

Want Better Than Business as Usual? SHOT Show Retailer Seminars Up the Game

Have you noticed the foot traffic in your retail store is slacking off some, noticed your regulars aren’t ponying up to the counter as often as they used to? Heck, maybe the traffic’s just the same, but your clients just aren’t buying like they used to. Is it a sign of the times … or is it time for a change?

If you haven’t changed your aisle arrangement, where you display your cleaning supplies and ear protection or put a reloading press out for display in the last decade, then you’re going to want to take an hour and hit up our Retailer Seminar “Inventory Management and Retail Design,” taking place Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. during the 2019 SHOT Show. Retail expert Hank Yacek will show you why the next hot thing won’t sell itself, how mixing things up on your show floor can help even your most loyal customers see more of what you have to offer and how the art of the display can make or break your turn rates. Whether your retail space is 500 square feet or 50,000, there’s something here every retailer can take home and give their store a fresh new look.

Talking with our members throughout the year, all of us here at NSSF have learned that the vast majority of our retailers and range owners out there are committed to growing their customer base and improving how their communities see them as a viable, important and most of all safe business. Yet many still struggle with really making an impression on a wider audience that translates to new customers and increased traffic, so this year we brought back Maj Toure to talk about one of the toughest customer segments to tackle, those in high-urban areas.

In “Evolve or Die: Engaging Urban Communities in the 2A Fight,” taking place 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday during the show, Maj will detail the misconceptions, myths and successes of engaging urban communities in the 2nd Amendment fight and participation in the shooting sports. Maj has hosted interactive seminars in every state with his 50 States Firearm Education Tour, so his understanding of this subject is both personal and intense — and we’re willing to bet that’s what it will be to you when you take part.

Thursday’s schedule has two sessions with customer engagement at their core. The first, “Industry Data and New Shooter Recruitment” taking place at 10:30 a.m., takes the sometimes overwhelming job of demographic number-crunching — gender, age, income, education, shooting sports and firearms preferences, other sport preferences, kids, parents living at home, phew! — and breaks it down into digestible bites you can actually use to effectively find, address and motivate new shooters to see your store or range as their partner in learning about firearms and the shooting sports. Bottom line, you don’t have to do this research. NSSF has already done it for you and we’re excited to show you how to use this data to improve your marketing, inventory management and customer service.

Second, and speaking of customer service, is our 1:30 session, “Website Development and Search Engine Optimization.” Face it, if your store or range is lacking a web presence, it’s missing customers — and if you have a web presence but haven’t put anything new on it in the last couple years, well, you’re also missing customers. Whether this session motivates you to pay more attention to this crucial aspect of your business or higher someone else to pay attention, our two web experts from DOJO Creative can show you the ins, outs and high points of capturing your clients’ attention, keeping it and turning into the thing you want most — more sales.

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The full list of the 2019 SHOT Show’s Retailer Seminars is available here, and we encourage all range and retailer professionals attending the show to take part in as many of these sessions as possible. Each session is just $25 for NSSF members and non-members. Once you’ve completed your registration to attend the 2019 SHOT Show, simply add the seminars of your choice (including the ATF Town Hall, which will have a $0.00 fee) to your shopping cart. As a reminder, our standard retail and range members are entitled to free admission to one seminar of their choice (beyond the free Town Hall), while our Premium members can attend two sessions on the house. Members should contact me at jmcnamara@nssf.org for the code that will take the price of their session/s down to $0.00 during checkout.

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