What is a Guns.com Certified Used Gun?

What is a Guns.com Certified Used Gun?

We turned our cameras inwards on Select Fire and visited Guns.com’s Vault of Certified Used Guns that are looking for a forever home.

Located in Minnesota, on our visit the Vault contained over 3,000 amazing firearms waiting for the “buy now” button to be clicked to meet their next owner. Guns.com’s Senior Buyer Mark Sims discussed the advantages of the company’s initiative to sell not just good used guns, but great ones.

“There is more value in the Certified Used Guns and that’s because they are fully inspected by the professional staff at Guns.com,” he said, explaining that when used guns arrive into Guns.com inventory they go through a full checklist to confirm that they are operational, not in need of repair, and fully functional. Then they are put through a condition certification to grade them.

Where do the guns come from?

The true hidden gem of the Certified Used Guns program rests in the nature of the way Guns.com’s buyers work. In addition to scouting estate sales and auction houses around the country, they also review daily submission to Guns.com’s “We Buy Guns” portal. This simple process, which includes a pre-paid custom fitted box for firearms sent in for evaluation, can be accomplished in minutes from the comfort of your home.


Eschewing poorly maintained guns, Sims explained, very few guns are brought in to the Vault that isn’t in excellent condition to start with. Think: guns that were bought new, brought home and stored for years with care and hardly ever used condition.

Sims said the average difference between new and used models runs often anywhere from 20 to 30 percent, which can mean huge savings for smart consumers. Best of all, since GDC picks from thousands of submissions from across the country, the Vault included lots of rare gems that you are unlikely to bump into at your neighborhood dealer or local gun show.

In our time there, we ran into a Gyrojet rocket gun, an immaculate HK VP70Z 19-shot polymer wonder in its original box, stacks of Winchester 94 Commemoratives, tables of Japanese Nambus, Browning Hi-Powers and Walther P-38s, and more.

Service after the sale

Not just a buzzword, Guns.com has a full staff of range masters working in the same building as the Vault– not contracted to a third party or overseas– who are ready to help. They do everything from helping gun buyers with their local FFLs, answering questions about listings, and standing by the company’s guarantee.

This includes a 3-day inspection period and a 14-day mechanical warranty, something that is hard to find in the industry. If on the rare occasion you have an issue, Guns.com’s customer support staff is available seven days a week ready to take ownership of an issue. Further, that support is only a click or call away.

If you like interesting and often rare guns be sure to take a look through our entire catalog of more than 3,000 new and used guns of all sorts.


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