Would-Be Burglar Met with Gunfire by Female Resident

Would-Be Burglar Met with Gunfire by Female Resident

A would-be burglar in south Toledo is suffering life-threatening injuries after a female resident shot him multiple times.

The suspect broke through the front door just before being met with gunfire. He then fled and collapsed onto the front lawn, where medics found and performed life-saving procedures on him, then rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

The resident was taken in for questioning as standard protocol. No other occupants in the home included children as well as a male resident, were harmed. An incident report stated another occupant fired at the suspect.

With the suspect being met with gunfire, it seems as though the occupants were alert and ready to defend their lives. Of course, it is easier said than done to keep yourself alert in the wee hours of the night, but enough training and knowledge on self-awareness can help make the process easier.

As we always say, check the laws in your area considering home defense and/or relations to the castle doctrine. As for some places, proper defense in the eyes of the law is only plausible when a threat actually gains access into the home.

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