Would-Be Intruder Shot by Homeowner After Trying to Enter through Window

Would-Be Intruder Shot by Homeowner After Trying to Enter through Window

A 43-year-old man was found with gunshot wounds by Virginia police outside of a Dale City home. They determined the man was a would-be intruder who the homeowner shot.

According to the investigation, the suspect attempted to enter the home just before 10 P.M. The homeowner heard a loud noise at the front door. Afterward, someone attempting to open a living room window. This led to the homeowner going outside and discovering a stranger who he would then shoot multiple times.

The homeowner contacted emergency services, and the suspect was airlifted to an area hospital where he is expected to survive. The investigation remains ongoing.

It is important to try to stay as least vulnerable as possible, especially at home. With how late the crime occurred, criminals will try to strike when they think you are not ready. Fortunately, this homeowner recognized the issue and was prepared to defend against a threat.

These days we cannot be too comfortable, ironically even in our own homes. This shows we must take all the precautions to assure our safety, and obviously, that means always making sure your doors are locked before going to bed. We should not rely on living in a so-called “safe neighborhood” to ignore these fundamental things because crime and disaster can strike anywhere and any time.

For those who have home defense firearms, know when and where they are accessible in the time of need, and outline a plan with others in your household on what to do when there is a threat present.

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