5 Reasons to Attend NSSF’s 2018 Industry Summit in Hilton Head, S.C.

5 Reasons to Attend NSSF’s 2018 Industry Summit in Hilton Head, S.C.

May 2, 2018

5 BIG Reasons Why You Need to Attend the 2018 Industry Summit

By Melissa Schilling

NSSF’s upcoming 2018 Industry Summit, set for June 4-6 will feature dynamic speakers, thought-provoking discussions and groundbreaking research geared toward leaders from all segments of our industry, including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, range owners, conservation community members, state wildlife agency staff and marketing and public relations professionals. The NSSF Industry Summit is the premier forum for leaders in the firearms industry, providing a platform for information and idea exchange.

Here are five reasons why everyone in our industry should attend this year’s Summit:

1. Connect with People from All Walks of the Shooting Sports Industry

The Summit offers a forum like no other to connect with people from all segments of our industry — from retailers and ranges to manufacturers to state agencies. It gives everyone the chance to network, share ideas and get on the same page.

2. Hear Fresh Perspectives

The shooting sports community is vastly diverse, and thanks to an influx of new participants it’s becoming more and more so each day. We’ve assembled a lineup of outstanding sessions and panel discussions that will offer fresh perspectives on hunting and the shooting sports that you won’t hear anywhere else.  

3. Get ‘A View From The Top’

Leaders from three of the most recognizable brands in our industry will participate in a can’t-miss panel discussion at this year’s Summit. Sharing their “View From The Top” will be Winchester Ammunition President Brett Flaugher, Browning Arms CEO Travis Hall, and Daniel Defense President and CEO Marty Daniel. They’ll share their insights on the changes, challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

4. Get the Wheels Turning

Each year, everyone that attends the Summit walks away energized with new ideas, new contacts and a fresh perspective on where we’re headed. The agenda is packed with informative sessions, and this year’s format will provide all attendees the opportunity to be a part of the discussion and help pave the way forward for our industry.

5. Get Inspired

If you’re not familiar with the story of our keynote speaker, John O’Leary, it’s one of the most inspirational you’ll ever hear. At the Summit, John will set our hearts and minds ‘On Fire’ with tales of inspiration, personal growth and an attitude that will make each of us look within to see how we can live an inspired life.

I encourage everyone in the shooting sports industry to make plans to intend the Industry Summit. Learn more, view the Summit schedule, see who’s attending at nssf.org/summit.

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