Armed Citizen Stops Robbery Attempt; Gets Free Breakfast

Armed Citizen Stops Robbery Attempt; Gets Free Breakfast

While this story ends well with no one injured, good guys, or bad guys, there are a few takeaways from this story that can help us learn from it.

An Alaskan man was at a gas station on a recent Friday morning getting his usual breakfast and energy drink. That’s when a 17-year-old man walked in with a knife in his hand and attempted to rob the business. The man witnessing this did not have his firearm on him. It was in his car. (Mistake #1)

He then put his breakfast and drink down on the counter and snuck out of the gas station to retrieve his pistol. As he got back to the entrance, the suspect turned to look at the now armed citizen. That’s when he racked his slide (Mistake #2), pointed it at the suspect, and told him to put his hands up.

He was able to hold the suspect at gunpoint until the police arrived. The suspect was arrested and was charged with attempted robbery in first-degree and third-degree assault.

The armed citizen spoke with the media after this took place and admitted that he wouldn’t have used his gun. (Mistake #3)

Moore said that while he wasn’t planning on using his gun, he sure is glad that he had it on him for such a situation. Moore admits that he feels having a gun deters crime, “They’re a shield against thieves, a deterrent against most crimes if people if people know that your establishment could be armed or people in that establishment could be armed.” via MEAWW.

On the bright side, the gas station gave the guy free breakfast!

I think the takeaways are pretty obvious, especially if you are a regular reader of USA Carry.

Takeaway #1: Always Keep Your Firearm On Your & Your Vehicle Is Not A Holster

The fact that this man had to sneak out of the gas station to retrieve his firearm should be the first fact that jumps out to you. This is a perfect example of why tossing your pistol into a glove box, console, or some holster mounted to your car (please don’t use magnets 🤦🏻‍♂️) is a bad idea. You want your gun on you when you need it.

It also brings up another point. If he could sneak out of the gas station, he could have gotten into his car and left. So he decided to put himself back into this situation as well as bringing a firearm into the situation. I’m not saying he was right or wrong to do this. But this is something you need to decide before you find yourself in this situation. Who are you willing to protect with your firearm? Yourself? Yourself and family? Random people getting robbed in a gas station? To steal a line from Varg Freeborn’s book Violence of Mind, you need to figure out what your mission is. If you haven’t read Violence of Mind yet, you should. The book was also just released as an Audiobook if you want to listen to it.

Takeaway #2: Keep Your Gun Loaded

According to the man’s statement, he retrieved his unchambered firearm from the vehicle and walked back toward the store. When the suspect turned around, that’s then he racked the slide and pointed it at him.

What would have happened if the suspect turned and started running toward the man with the gun? Would he have had the time to rack the slide and get rounds off to stop the threat? Maybe. Maybe not. Are you willing to take this chance?

Keep your defensive pistol loaded and chambered.

Takeaway #3: Don’t Use Your Gun if You Aren’t Ready to Use Your Gun

After the police arrived and arrested the suspect, the armed citizen made a statement to the media (we’ll get to that in a sec) stating that he wasn’t planning on using his gun and that it was more of a deterrent.

Every state has its own laws on when you can use a firearm in self-defense. I don’t want to get into castle doctrine or duty to retreat laws here, so know the laws in the state you are in.

But if you aren’t ready to use your gun, then it shouldn’t be out. Would he have been justified if he would have shot the suspect? I’m not a lawyer, but he had a knife and was using it in a robbery, so I would think that yes, he would have been. Just don’t use your firearm as a deterrent. Again, what would have happened if the suspect ran toward him? As he stated, he wasn’t prepared to actually use his gun, so would his mindset have shifted in the split second the man started coming after him with a knife?

Bonus: Don’t Talk to the Media

Lastly, don’t talk to the media. After an incident like this, I’m telling the police that I will fully cooperate but need my attorney first. Don’t be looking to get your 15 minutes of fame in front of the camera. And speaking of attorneys, I’d recommend signing up for the USCCA who provides liability insurance for their members.


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