Burglar Shot At By Homeowner Then Bitten by Dog

Burglar Shot At By Homeowner Then Bitten by Dog

A San Antonio burglar was breaking into a home before being shot at by the homeowner and bitten by his dog.

The break-in occurred just after midnight. After the suspect evaded the gunshot, the homeowner’s dog got loose, chasing the suspect and biting his ankle.

The suspect is in stable condition and will be facing attempted burglary charges, and the homeowner will not face any charges.

Having a pet and/or guard dog for home defense can be seen as your first line of defense. Would you trust your pet to save your life? Like training with your weapon(s), making sure your dog is trained and disciplined to stand guard is also beneficial.

Pets can get spooked just like anyone else can, but fortunately, man’s best friend stayed in the fight on top of the gunfire. Otherwise, you cannot always trust that your dog will be ready to fight, so make sure you yourself are mentally prepared to defend your well-being if things fall through.

With the suspect attempting to break through the back door, this is a necessary reminder to make sure your home is properly secured before resting. Criminals will try to find ways to break in, but taking measures to stay vigilant will aid in making sure you are ready for conflict, and perhaps a guard dog can increase these chances.

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