Concealed Carrier Pulls Gun After Fight Over Sports Trading Cards

Concealed Carrier Pulls Gun After Fight Over Sports Trading Cards

Four men physically assaulted a 35-year-old man at a Wisconsin Target parking lot. This led to the victim obtaining and drawing his weapon, of which he has a concealed carry license. Once accessed, the four men aged 23-35 fled, and no shots were fired.

The four suspects, according to police, were soon located and taken into custody. A fifth suspect was found on the scene but not arrested. The victim only suffered minor injuries.

Those minor injuries of the victim could have quickly turned major had he not had his weapon with him. It is not known exactly if the victim actually had the weapon on his person, but hopefully, he did with how outnumbered he was. It would be safe to assume the relationship between him and the group of men was not significant, as he was prepared to defend himself while being outnumbered.

Ironically here, it could be implied the group of men are more thankful in a sense they were not shot. The victim must have been prepared only for the instance had any more harm went his way while his gun was ready, which is rather a good thing. Remember, you can’t shoot fleeing suspects who do not pose an immediate threat.

We don’t know if the men met in the parking lot to make a transaction or if this stemmed from something that happened inside the Target. With Target parking lots being generally populated, it is good to make these private transactions (if it was one) in public places, especially with what is safe to assume here, strangers. But still, concealed carriers must keep a high alert of their environment.

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