Concealed Carrier Shoots Drunk Friend Who Pulls Knife On Him

Concealed Carrier Shoots Drunk Friend Who Pulls Knife On Him

A Holly Township man shot a friend who arrived at his home intoxicated, attacking him with a knife after refusing to leave.

The friend under the influence showed up at the house around 10:30 P.M. Police reported the friend was invited, with the shooting occurring later in the evening after he refused to leave. 

As the friend repeatedly refused, it escalated to him pulling a knife on the homeowner.

“During the argument, the visitor pulled a knife and went towards the homeowner who was in possession of a registered pistol at the time,” state police tweeted.

A local hospital treated the visitor for his injuries, where police would soon find he had open warrants for domestic violence as well as driving under the influence. Police also stated the man who shot his friend does have a valid concealed carry permit.

Situations like these show how much the “unexpected” occurs when conceal carrying. Would you be prepared to defend your life against someone close to you? The visitor was found to be a repeat offender of similar crimes. Although the man was his friend, it is arguably a justifiable occurrence. The man’s life was under attack, let alone on his own property.

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