Concealed Carrier Shoots & Kills Man Attacking Fiancé and Her Mother

Concealed Carrier Shoots & Kills Man Attacking Fiancé and Her Mother

Jeremy Weston, a resident of the Fairlawn Trailer Court in Lycoming Township, shot and killed Brian Miller, 44, of Hughesville, PA. Earlier in the day, Miller drove his car into the mother’s trailer. The fiance and her mother already had active Protection from Abuse Orders against Miller which didn’t stop him from harassing and attacking them.

Through several altercations that day, the breaking point came when Weston witnessed Miller beating his fiance’s mother in a car inside the trailer park.

“I grabbed my gun and put it in my pocket,” Weston, a licensed concealed carrier, said as he headed outside. 

Miller would then chase the fiance, tripping and finding himself against Weston. Three chances were given by Weston to Miller to leave, but Weston found himself backed up against the trailer. Miller reached into his pockets which caused Weston to finally pull the trigger, striking Miller. Weston began CPR soon after but to no avail.

“I didn’t know what he was reaching into his pocket for, so I had to shoot. I could have got stabbed or shot or whatever.”

Weston says he carries his gun everywhere. It would be an understatement to call Weston a law-abiding citizen. With how many chances he gave Miller to leave the situation, he certainly knew the consequences of what would happen at the other end of the muzzle.

“I was never put in a situation like that before where I’ve had to do that,” Weston said.

Miller had already left the residence earlier in the day after harassing the families, and he came back for more damage.

As for what Weston did wrong, it might not have been the most ideal thing to stow your gun in your pocket, but when a man is hitting your fiance’s mother, there likely is not much time to holster up to then immediately stop the threat.

Weston was arrested by Old Lycoming Township police but released with no criminal charges. It is still an ongoing investigation.

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