Concealed Carrier Who Stopped Mass Shooting Shot by Responding Officer

Concealed Carrier Who Stopped Mass Shooting Shot by Responding Officer

Colorado police are hailing Johnny Hurley as a hero for shooting and killing suspect Ronald Troyke after the latter gunned down Officer Gordon Beesley of the Arvada Police Department.

Troyke shot Officer Beesley twice with a 12-gauge shotgun and proceeded to shoot police car windows before returning to his vehicle to grab an AR-15. The suspect was then confronted by Hurley, who shot him with his own handgun. Hurley then held the suspect’s AR-15 before a responding officer arrived on the scene and began firing, striking, and killing him.

Hurley was seen shopping by a store worker when he ran to confront Troyke with his gun while shots were fired.

Police have reported that Officer Beesley was targeted after learning Troyke had a strong hatred for them and a document by Troyke detailing how he planned to kill as many Arvada police officers as possible.

What could Hurley have done better in this situation that would have preserved his life? We can all make our own assumptions, but it would have been ideal for him at the very least to have gone to his own safety and potentially report the shooting himself afterward. Or put down the firearms after the threat had ended. Had Hurley not been holding the rifle, he would probably still be alive to tell his story.

Could the responding officer have given him a fair warning before firing? It would have to be determined what exactly was dispatched to give a fairer view, but it still is questionable why Hurley would be holding Troyke’s rifle after gunning him down.

Hurley still should be hailed as a hero for preventing further intended harm to law enforcement, but this also shows the dangers of trying to be a savior, more so prolonging it. It is a choice to put your life on the line for others, and with that comes the possibility of losing your own, ironically here for trying to do the right thing albeit with a questionable action in doing so.

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