[FIRST REVIEW] Springfield Armory XDM Elite 3.8″ | Video

[FIRST REVIEW] Springfield Armory XDM Elite 3.8″ | Video

I was one of the first to get my hands on Springfield Armory’s brand new XDM Elite 3.8″ which features a full-size grip with a compact slide.

It also features a new trigger from Springfield called the META Trigger (Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly.)

“At the heart of the new XDM Elite is the Match Enhanced Trigger Assembly system, a superbly refined trigger designed to bring wring out the best from the pistol’s most important interface with the shooter. Featuring a flat face and integral overtravel stop, the META system delivers the finest trigger pull available on a production polymer-framed pistol.”

Stay tuned for more pictures of this pistol on this page.

Springfield Armory XDM Elite 3.8″ Specs

Springfield Armory XDM Elite 3.8″ Features

  • U-DOT Tactical Rack Rear Sight
  • Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Improved Slide Serrations
  • Accessory Rail
  • META Trigger
  • Strike Status Indicator
  • AMBI Slide Stop
  • Interchangeable Backstraps
  • Extended Magazine (20+1)
  • Removable Magwell

Find out more about the Springfield Armory XDM Elite Series at Springfield Armory.







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