Florida Homeowner Shoots Home Invader After He Breaks Through Glass Door

Florida Homeowner Shoots Home Invader After He Breaks Through Glass Door

A little after 6:00 AM, a man driving his pickup with a woman begins swerving all over the road and ends up crashing into a tree. The man exits his truck, probably bleeding at this time, and approaches a school bus that was stopped to pick up a student. He tries to get on the bus but the bus driver wisely locks the doors and drives away.

Nearby is another car with a husband driving his wife to work. The pickup driver jumps onto the car, butt first, and wriggles around on it until he falls off. He then jumps, again butt first, onto another vehicle but this time he breaks the windshield. (this car might have been moving at the time) The driver of this car mentioned that he sounded like he was “growling”.

From there he makes his way to a home with a door with a large single pane full length glass panel. He breaks through that door and is described as acting wild and out of control. In the home is a husband and wife, a set of grandparents and a 9-year-old. The husband does everything he can to try to get him under control while they are on the phone with 911 but when he picks up a chunk of the glass that was part of the door and throws it at him he shoots the intruder and he goes down. He is pronounced dead at the local hospital.

The intruder was 45-years-old and weighed about 250 pounds. This was clearly a very scary situation. The sheriff said that:

“This homeowner was perfectly justified in what he did” and that “this has K2 or meth written all over it.”

This is the stuff of horror movies with a crazed madman who breaks into your home to do unspeakable things to you and your family. Of course the husband has no idea what this intruder had just done to others before he got to his home. He just sees a crazed home invader and tries admirably to calm him down so he doesn’t have to shoot him. That act alone looks very favorable to outside investigators.

For those that won’t have a gun in their home because there are kids in the home allow me to suggest that you might want to consider having a gun in your home because you have children in your home that you’d like to be able to protect. I can imagine that this husband was extremely glad that he had the tool necessary to protect his family.

I can also imagine that he will be swapping out that glass door for one much more secure. All glass doors can provide a great view (both looking out and in) but they can also be a security nightmare if they are not the type of glass that can’t be this easily smashed through.

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