Home Invasion Results In One Suspect Dead; One Resident Wounded

Home Invasion Results In One Suspect Dead; One Resident Wounded

A Pharr, TX home was the scene of a home invasion recently. It happened about 6:30 in the evening. Two men forced their way into the home and were met by gunfire from inside the home.

One suspect died while the other fled in a vehicle. One of the residents was hit by one of the multiple rounds fired but their injury was not life-threatening.

Police are calling it a possible home invasion robbery.

A home invasion has to be one of the scariest self-defense scenarios that anyone can encounter. You can go from totally chilling out in full condition white to fighting for your life in just seconds. Anything that you can do to give yourself advance warning like a security system or even a ring doorbell can help give you precious extra seconds to respond.

Making your home harder to break into will also give you more time to respond. Hardening your doors and windows that could be used for entry can help reduce the chances that someone can just burst in on you and catch you completely off guard.

If you haven’t recently, take a look around your home and see what you could do to make it harder, and slower, for someone to force their way in.

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