Knife-Wielding Homeless Man Shot by Armed Security Guard

Knife-Wielding Homeless Man Shot by Armed Security Guard

Jobe Bixler of Oklahoma was fatally shot inside a metro cannabis store after producing a knife saying he was going to kill anyone who did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The cannabis store owner did not believe Bixler wanted money or drugs. Bixler had initially been refused service, allegedly telling a contracted security guard of the store the voices in his head and the government were telling him to carry out his actions to kill the unvaccinated. Bixler left and returned to the store minutes later.

“That’s when he was confronted by security. At that point Mr. Bixler produced a knife, security pulled out their gun and ended up discharging his firearm,” said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Megan Morgan.

Bixler died on his way to a local hospital. Employees say Bixler often wandered around the store as he lived in a wooded homeless camp about 100 yards away from the store, where several of Bixler’s friends attested he was a nice guy but seemed disturbed as of late. One of them also said he always carried a knife with him.

These stores have their own security policies, and this man allegedly was not there to steal but rather to kill. It is one thing for Bixler to say he is going to kill innocent people, but another when he actually returns armed. The employees and security guard especially as a result are already on high alert, prompting him to fire in self-defense of his peers.

When it comes to self-defense, being wary of the mentally disturbed is an important consideration. It is unfortunate when they are unable to seek or receive the right assistance, but the lives of these innocent people are not worth risking at the hands of someone not in the right state of mind, let alone additionally armed to kill.

No arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing.

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