Licensed Gun Owner Shoots Friend’s Attacker in NY Apartment

Licensed Gun Owner Shoots Friend’s Attacker in NY Apartment

Andre Fogo, 32, and Rachain Wilson, 28, forced their way into a New York apartment to confront a resident about a previous altercation. It escalated into the two invaders beating the resident, soon resulting in Wilson being struck by another individual in the apartment. This individual is a licensed gun owner.

Troopers would identify the suspects at Garnet Health Medical Center for treatment of the gunshot wound. They were charged with burglary, being remanded to Sullivan County Jail in lieu of bail.

In a state like New York, it is good to hear of law-abiding citizens being able to defend themselves and their peers. As it is an ongoing investigation, it is unknown exactly how many shots were fired and where the shot struck the individual, just that the wound was non-life-threatening.

With self-defense in an apartment, gun owners should be particularly careful with the trajectory of their shots in a rather adjacent area to neighbors, let alone in a state like New York. Otherwise, the resident has to be thankful someone was able to save their life with appropriate force.

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