Man Attempts Armored Truck Robbery, Gets Shot in Chest by Guard

Man Attempts Armored Truck Robbery, Gets Shot in Chest by Guard

A bit after 8:30 in the morning at a Chicago area BMO Harris Bank branch, an armed SUV passenger stepped out of the vehicle and demanded money from a guard as he unloaded money from an ATM. According to police, the guard who worked on the truck drew his gun and fired on the robbery suspect, hitting the “center of his torso area.”

The wounded suspect returned to the SUV, and the two drove off. The FBI is involved with the investigation.

It doesn’t look like a whole lot of thought went into this one. As far as I know, armored car teams are universally armed, so these suspects had to know that their potential victim had the ability to defend himself. Perhaps they thought the element of surprise would work in their favor. Not this time.

It is good to remember that criminals will not announce their intentions to harm you. Like any predator in the wild, they want to take their prey by surprise if they can, which is why prey animals are so keen about observing the surrounding area.

Certainly, not all violent attacks occur this way, but avoiding high-risk areas and staying aware of what’s going on around you can minimize the chances of a criminal selecting you as their target. Do what you can do to cause them to look for easier prey.

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